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Apples & Grapes cushion (pale background)

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Needlepoint kit for cushion

Apples & Grapes cushion is from the lush border of the Henry Dearle tapestry design which inspired our collection The Chase.  There are various options for customising the cushion and making it your own:

The bees are printed on the canvas, but there is no golden rule saying they have to be stitched, or indeed stitched exactly where they are - each bee can be copied and placed elsewhere.

The trellis is not printed on the canvas, so the choice to include it or not is completely yours. A chart for the trellis is included with the coloured symbol chart of the whole design.  

Initials can be added to personalise the design - a chart of an alphabet is included and the initials can be added on top of the background stitching, allowing the long stitches to sit proud. The shade of the lettering offers a satisfying, subtle contrast against the soft background. They can also be worked in tent stitch in any colour you wish, before stitching the background.

The background can be dark blue or light grey, or with a dark blue outside border and light grey middle.


CANVAS: 12#/in Zweigart Mono Deluxe, 20 x 19.5in (51 x 49.5cm)
PRINTED: 20 colours
DESIGN:  15½ x 14½in (39 x 37cm)
STITCH: Tent/Basketweave
WOOLS: Appleton tapestry for the design, crewel for the background
INSTRUCTIONS: English Instructions 
Part of the The Chase collection.

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