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William Morris eating
When Beth Russell started designing needlepoint kits some 30 plus years ago, she little realised how this hobby would translate itself into a full scale business. Although based in London, her company Designers Forum now sells her kits and books to countries all over the world.

An essential ingredient in the success of the company is Beth's family and the way that, even though it has grown into a thoroughly professional outfit, the personal touch is ever-present.

Beth's husband Peter and her two sons Nick and Paul all work together (in harmony !) to ensure that the quality of the kits is maintained and the service to customers is friendly and efficient. We strive to keep the traditions of William Morris alive, with an appreciation not just of the beauty of his designs but also a desire that everyone should have access to his legacy and be able to re-create their own Arts and Crafts heirlooms - by hand, Morris style.

Quality of design, materials, presentation and service - these are the cornerstones of Designers Forum.

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