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Beth Russell

"If you have a gift of any kind, you are happy indeed beyond most men" said William Morris.

Beth RussellBeth Russell first developed her eye for matching colours to wool whilst working at the Royal School of Needlework in London.

After a few interesting years (including the SAS storming the embassy next door), Beth decided to branch out on her own. She formed Designers Forum (now over 30 years ago) and has built an international reputation for her interpretations of William Morris designs.

Beth's adaptations differ from the Morris originals in that they are to be stitched in needlepoint, whereas Morris' were meant for a myriad of different purposes - wallpapers, fabrics, embroidery, tapestry, tiles and book decoration. However, in every other way she tries to be essentially true to the great man. The designs are first sketched or painted and then each part is worked many times on canvas before the final shapes and colours are decided.

Beth hopes that her needlepoint kits and books might provide a means by which people can exercise their talents and find the contentment that Morris preached is the right of each and every one of us.

Beth Russell is also the author of three best-selling books: Victorian Needlepoint, Traditional Needlepoint and William Morris Needlepoint.

Traditional Needlepoint is sadly out of print at the moment. William Morris Needlepoint has been updated and is available in hardback format and Victorian Needlepoint has been reprinted by the National Trust in softcover and renamed Arts & Crafts Needlepoint. Every book is a mixture of history, charts, needlework tips and lavish photography and each contains some designs not available as kits.

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