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A quick needlepoint kit for relaxation, mindfulness and fun

Stressbusters are designed to be like colouring books for stitchers. They come in 4 colourways with a small canvas, wools, needle and a few suggestions to get you going as well as detailed instructions on how to stitch.

They can be a means of relaxing on a long train journey or a perfect learning tool for would be needlepointers. They are an ideal introduction to the fun and satisfaction gained by experimenting with colours, patterns and stitches.

In the kit is an 8 inch (20cm) square piece of canvas printed with a clear outline, wools for the design, needle and detailed instructions on the basics of needlepoint plus an illustration of how you might like to decorate your flower or leaf and to get you going.

A doodle can be an end in itself, but if you have become particularly proud and attached to yours, the wool for the background may be purchased and the finished piece made into a small purse for spare coins, a phone or even a pretty box top.


CANVAS: 12#/in (5#cm) Zweigart White Interlock, 8 x 8in (20 x 20cm)
WOOLS: Appleton tapestry
INSTRUCTIONS: English Instructions
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