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New kits for October

Posted on October 12, 2021
We have 2 new kits going on sale today.

First is Acanthus & Birds cushion with a light background. 

Acanthus & Birds cushion (light)I have been looking forward to this. It does not matter how familiar I am with the colours or how much I study the wools and drawings, I have to wait for the stitching to be completed before actually knowing what effect the background is going to have on the finished cushion.

I am really thrilled as it is almost a new design adding a delicacy to the piece while losing none of the drama.

Ted in BedSecond we have a companion for Bunnies in Bed: 'Ted in Bed' is not printed on the canvas but supplied with very clear coloured symbol charts. It gives the opportunity to experiment with patterns and, if you wish, different stitches.

As it is supplied with 7/8 to the inch rug canvas and worked in simple cross stitch the design grows rapidly. When you get to the quilt you can make it as simple or complex as you wish.

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