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New kits: Marquetry and Stressbusters

Posted on November 18, 2021

We are pleased to announce 2 new kits available from today:

Marquetry (pink)Marquetry 
This is a form that I think works beautifully in needlepoint. The colours are gentle and the stitching simple as there is no shading, just the security of filling in one pretty curved shape after another. I felt that we are perhaps in need of the relaxation that this offers.

I have chosen 4 colour schemes that have proved popular in the past. We also offer a variety of backgrounds.


This idea came from the realisation of the genuine comfort stitching has brought recently. There are times when we just need to do something with our hands which is not taxing - in effect just 'doodle'.

The kits come in a choice of 4 colourways, and include a small canvas, wools, needle and instructions for beginners on how to stitch.They are an excellent introduction to needlepoint, and might make an interesting stocking filler this Christmas.

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